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Episode 10 with Jonathan Oliver and Cody Lust

Speaking to coaches, parents, and athletes, Dr. Oliver and Cody Lust discuss what they learned about head trauma and omega-3 from their research in Division I college football players. Listen Now

Episode 9 with Jorn Dyerberg

Dr. Jorn Dyerberg tells the story of discovering the role of omega-3s in human health. It’s his story to tell. Listen Now

Episode 8 with Rachel Gow

Rachel Gow explains how her quest for answers to help her child’s learning and behavior differences inspired her career in neuroscience and nutrition. Listen Now

Episode 7 with Michael Crawford

Dr. Michael Crawford describes how his career began in Africa, why he studied brain chemistry and his African experience. Listen Now

Episode 6 with Dan Wiley

Daniel Wiley shares how being receptive to business opportunities opened the door to becoming a global supplier of fish oils. Listen Now

Episode 5 with Tom Brenna

Dr. Brenna shares insights on where interest in omega-3 for the heart and brain began, and what we know about omega-3 and human genes today. Listen Now

Episode 4 with Kristina Jackson

Dr. Jackson describes how diet and supplements can be used to strategically achieve optimal omega-3 levels in our bodies. Listen Now

Episode 3 with Bill Harris

Dr. Bill Harris discusses the mission and early findings - on COVID-19 and LDL-cholesterol - from the new Fatty Acid Research Institute (FARI). Listen Now

Episode 2 with Philip Calder

Professor Philip Calder describes when inflammation is helpful and when it is not. After listening to this podcast, you will welcome the omega-3 fire brigade. Listen Now

Episode 1 with Gretchen Vannice

Ms. Vannice discusses the basics of omega-3s, from what they are, where to find them, and why they matter in human health. Listen Now